It is true that money unfortunately plays a significant role in politics. However, there are several points that indicate that money is not the be-all and end-all in Nigerian politics:

  • In 2015, no party had more money than Goodluck Jonathan and his incumbent party, but in spite of the money they had and the power at their disposal, Nigerians still voted overwhelmingly for the opposition.
  • The Take it Back Movement is powered by energetic, patriotic, passionate Nigerians living all over the world – every gender, religion and tribe. They continue to give selflessly of their time and effort to move Nigeria forward. They ask for nothing, and not once have they asked for stomach infrastructure. Not once have they asked for money as a condition for their support or their service. These Nigerians, whom we have found in every street, market square and town hall, give us hope that a new kind of politics is possible in our country. These tens of thousands demonstrate that there are many people in our nation that will not sell their future for a bag of rice.