Sowore understands that education pays the best dividends over ones’ life span, and he realizes there’s a lot of problems facing the quality, and accessibility of Nigerian education, but out of them all is the one he feels most passionately about, because it’s due to what he calls a crime against humanity; lack of funding.

Over the past decade or so, educational funding by all levels of government has suffered due to the impact of our ailing economy and corrupt officials. Funding has swiveled away purposely, and those funds that were allocated has gone through channels that has brought no value to the strength of our educational system. Sowore’s resolution would simply be to adequately fund our educational system through the Ministry of Education, and set up checks and balances to guarantee those funds reach their respective accounts in order to, 1.) Pay qualified teachers fairly and make the profession attractive to those who so choose to go that route; 2.) Implement an effective educational curriculum at all levels in order to compete with world-wide standards; 3.) Combat academic malpractices, which poisons our educational process.