Sowore’s first priority as President would be to have our economy running on all engines again, by first analyzing and solving our power issues once and for all. His administration would focus on lighting up Nigeria, because without electricity constantly flowing through our power lines, no business would be able to realize their full potential. He understands that relying solely on the income from crude oil won’t just cut it in the “nearest” future to run our country seamlessly. He would encourage us tapping into other resources that has been ignored for so long; Agricultural resources. He understands that our country has been endowed with lots of these agricultural products, and due to the fact that our farmers lack the proper machinery to take us to that next level of productivity, we suffer from low based income products which can’t be exported to regions around the world that bring maximum profit. He plans on working with our competent farmers, and help them invest in sophisticated agricultural equipment that would cultivate profitable products in large quantities, and of acceptable qualities.