1. Whenever there is a threat to life and property in which Nigerian lives are lost, the law must take its due course. Because this violence has never been addressed, no arrests ever made or prosecutions brought against perpetrators, because the law has never taken its due course on this issue, it has emboldened perpetrators and led to a worsening of the crisis. Our government will not tolerate this. We will bring perpetrators to book, and we will pursue and prosecute cases against them to the fullest extent of the law. There will be zero tolerance for wanton violence.
  2. We must realise that at the core of the herdsmen/farmer crisis is a conflict over resources. Grazing grounds have been decimated by climate change, cattle rustling in the north west, Boko Haram crisis in the north east, and increasing urbanisation. This has brought the twenty million cows in Nigeria and the farming communities in their grazing paths into greater conflict. A lasting solution to this crisis will require the transformation of nomadic cattle rearing into commercial ranching operations. Our plans will create 250,000 new jobs in commercial ranches across Nigeria.