Message from Sowore: The Journey Begins

Hello my fellow Nigerians – at home and all around the globe. My name is Omoyele Sowore, and I’m the convener of the Take It Back movement and an aspirant for the Presidency of Nigeria in 2019.

In almost thirty years of being at the front-lines of political activism in Nigeria, I have never lost faith in our country’s potential; and I’m excited that all of us – the believers in a better and greater Nigeria have joined forces in this phenomenal movement.

I want to thank all the passionate volunteers that have powered this movement to the front-lines of the struggle to Take Back Nigeria and reclaim our nation from vision-less and corrupt leaders who have slowed down our nation’s progress and turned our resources into their own private ATM terminals.

Take It Back is a movement that is bringing together an army of passionate and committed Nigerians, not only at home but from all around the world. Our ranks include members from every ethnic group, religion, age group, male and female – committed to one cause and one cause only – the advancement of our dear country Nigeria

Our country is a great nation, full of vibrant, intelligent, energetic, creative and industrious hard-working people.

For too long we have been called the sleeping giant. Those of us who believe that we can be better, and do better, have been frustrated by the fact that the great and immense potential of our people has never been realized.

Now, that Giant is awakening. We are turning our frustrations into actions and together we are working to unleash a new era of transformative leadership and national growth.

Your passionate support for this movement, your kind donations, and the countless hours that you’re putting into organizing Town Hall Events, engaging with your friends, family and neighbors is helping us spread our message not just across Nigeria, but around the world.

Thank you for all that you’re doing. Together – hand in hand – we will reclaim our nation. Together we will teach the old political class that we do not need Godfathers, nor Godmothers. We will show them that Nigeria’s patriots – our nations sons and daughters, will fund our own movement. Keep on spreading the message.

In 2019, all of us – the Nigerian people – will elect a people’s government, that will deliver transformative leadership to transform our nation.

We have just begun, and there is a lot of work to do. Let’s keep knocking on every door, let’s spread the message on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; let’s engage in every market square. Let us keep spreading the message that We can #TakeItBack!

Nigeria MUST progress!

Omoyele Sowore

Publisher, SAHARA Reporters

Presidential Aspirant, 2019

Convener, Take It Back Movement