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He has been around for 30 years, fighting for justice and fairness. He is a globally recognised entrepreneur that started the critically acclaimed and globally recognised media outfit, Sahara Reporters with a laptop and a thirst for justice. He has been a beacon of hope for downtrodden Nigerians and a thorn in the flesh of Nigerian leaders in all of that time. You can find a brief biography of Sowore here>>

Omoyele Sowore has always played politics at the national level.

  • In 1992, he led Nigerian campuses in a revolt against secret cults and their impact on university campuses. This is what brought him to prominence.
  • In 1993, he was the leader of the National Students and Youth Movement and was a major part of the pro-democracy actions against the annulment of the June 12th elections by Babangida and his cabals. His efforts, along with the great contributions of many other activists eventually led to the withdrawal of the military from politics in 1999.
  • Since 2006, Sowore established and continues to run the hard-hitting globally acclaimed media platform Sahara Reporters which has been the foremost platform for holding leaders accountable.
  • In 2006, Sowore’s efforts, through Sahara Reporters, helped to prevent Obasanjo’s third term agenda.
  • In 2010, he again played a great role in Nigeria’s national politics by exposing the actions of the Yar’Adua cabal who were trying to prevent the constitutional transfer of power to a Southern minority president.
  • In 2015, Sowore’s pioneering efforts in the real time reporting of election results helped to bring an opposition party to power for the first time in the history of Nigeria’s politics by guaranteeing the integrity of the electoral process.
  • His platform, Sahara Reporters, is globally acknowledged as a pioneer in the field. His entrepreneurial and managerial skills are also attributes that qualify him for the office.

Nigeria has never lacked strong, individual voices that were brave enough to come forth with the truth. Unfortunately, such voices have been silenced by the very bodies that were meant to protect Nigeria from the rot. For this reason, if we are to see true transformation, then we must begin to elect men and women of principle into positions where they have the power to effect real change. There is no single position or power greater than the Nigerian presidency if we are to make Nigeria work. The TakeItBack Movement intends not just to work towards having Sowore as president, but also intends to have members of our Movement run for office in every electoral position available in 2019. We are seeking to bring about a complete overhaul of the Nigerian political system.

Sowore is still having discussions with progressive parties and movements. He is working on bringing together a coalition of groups that are united in their vision to take Back Nigeria. A number of Parties such as PRP have already offered him their presidential tickets – but he will not be making any commitment now. The only parties that will not be involved in these discussions are APC and PDP.

Sowore and the Take It Back Movement understand and respect the fact that Nigeria is a diverse nation and that all of its people have competent and capable individuals who could serve as vice president. Our Movement will be sensitive to the needs for fairness and balance in the selection of a vice presidential candidate.

Yes, Sowore plans to run the most transparent government that will ever have served the nation of Nigeria. He has already publicly pledged that he will declare his assets before the elections, after the elections, and after his term in office.

  1. Whenever there is a threat to life and property in which Nigerian lives are lost, the law must take its due course. Because this violence has never been addressed, no arrests ever made or prosecutions brought against perpetrators, because the law has never taken its due course on this issue, it has emboldened perpetrators and led to a worsening of the crisis. Our government will not tolerate this. We will bring perpetrators to book, and we will pursue and prosecute cases against them to the fullest extent of the law. There will be zero tolerance for wanton violence.
  2. We must realise that at the core of the herdsmen/farmer crisis is a conflict over resources. Grazing grounds have been decimated by climate change, cattle rustling in the north west, Boko Haram crisis in the north east, and increasing urbanisation. This has brought the twenty million cows in Nigeria and the farming communities in their grazing paths into greater conflict. A lasting solution to this crisis will require the transformation of nomadic cattle rearing into commercial ranching operations. Our plans will create 250,000 new jobs in commercial ranches across Nigeria.

It is true that money unfortunately plays a significant role in politics. However, there are several points that indicate that money is not the be-all and end-all in Nigerian politics:

  • In 2015, no party had more money than Goodluck Jonathan and his incumbent party, but in spite of the money they had and the power at their disposal, Nigerians still voted overwhelmingly for the opposition.
  • The Take it Back Movement is powered by energetic, patriotic, passionate Nigerians living all over the world – every gender, religion and tribe. They continue to give selflessly of their time and effort to move Nigeria forward. They ask for nothing, and not once have they asked for stomach infrastructure. Not once have they asked for money as a condition for their support or their service. These Nigerians, whom we have found in every street, market square and town hall, give us hope that a new kind of politics is possible in our country. These tens of thousands demonstrate that there are many people in our nation that will not sell their future for a bag of rice.

This is the first time that an African president is planning to raise funding for his campaign in a transparent manner – through the people – and it has been a resounding success thus far. For the first time, we are seeing a movement borne of conviction and not corruption. No stomach infrastructure, but a genuine desire for something different; something new.

We know it is far more honourable to be answerable to an entire nation because they came together to put you in a position to serve, than to be indebted to one godfather because he “donated generously” to the campaign.

We urge you to help keep the Movement running:

Nigerian Bank Account Details:
Zenith Bank.
Account Name: Sowore Omoyele S. Presidential Campaign Account.
Account Number: 1006023871.

Sowore plans to engage directly with Nigerians in the North East through town hall engagements and visits to the many internally displaced persons from that region who are now refugees in their own country because of the lingering Boko Haram crisis. His time as a youth corper in Adamawa in the North East and his experience as a youth and students activist that mobilised extensively across that region of Nigeria has provided him with first-hand experience of the challenges that have to be addressed.

Sowore understands that education pays the best dividends over ones’ life span, and he realizes there’s a lot of problems facing the quality, and accessibility of Nigerian education, but out of them all is the one he feels most passionately about, because it’s due to what he calls a crime against humanity; lack of funding.

Over the past decade or so, educational funding by all levels of government has suffered due to the impact of our ailing economy and corrupt officials. Funding has swiveled away purposely, and those funds that were allocated has gone through channels that has brought no value to the strength of our educational system. Sowore’s resolution would simply be to adequately fund our educational system through the Ministry of Education, and set up checks and balances to guarantee those funds reach their respective accounts in order to, 1.) Pay qualified teachers fairly and make the profession attractive to those who so choose to go that route; 2.) Implement an effective educational curriculum at all levels in order to compete with world-wide standards; 3.) Combat academic malpractices, which poisons our educational process.

Sowore’s first priority as President would be to have our economy running on all engines again, by first analyzing and solving our power issues once and for all. His administration would focus on lighting up Nigeria, because without electricity constantly flowing through our power lines, no business would be able to realize their full potential. He understands that relying solely on the income from crude oil won’t just cut it in the “nearest” future to run our country seamlessly. He would encourage us tapping into other resources that has been ignored for so long; Agricultural resources. He understands that our country has been endowed with lots of these agricultural products, and due to the fact that our farmers lack the proper machinery to take us to that next level of productivity, we suffer from low based income products which can’t be exported to regions around the world that bring maximum profit. He plans on working with our competent farmers, and help them invest in sophisticated agricultural equipment that would cultivate profitable products in large quantities, and of acceptable qualities.

Sowore’s admiration for women is next to none, as he was raised by a wonderful one. He believes women can achieve anything they set their minds to, just like their male counterparts. His administration won’t tolerate any discrimination against women, and they’ll be given an equal opportunity to serve at any level of government they so desire during his administration. So, the answer is “YES”; qualified women would be considered to fill key positions in his cabinet.

Sowore’s plan on tackling the North isn’t any different from the way he’s planned on tackling all the other regions in Nigeria; promoting the sense of unity (One Nigeria!). In his quest to spread love and unity, he was able to share innovative solutions to problems that not only affect the North, but the other three cardinal points of the country. This quest stretched to the North where he has visited several states to engage in interactive town halls with their citizens; he was welcomed with full opened arms. He expressed his experience there as “eye-opening” and was surprised to find out we all shared the same concerns. He’s convinced that the Hausa people understand that being from one tribe doesn’t qualify you to be President, and knows they understand it’s the qualities that come with a leader that matters most.

Sowore can’t stress the importance of restructuring enough, but at the same time he understands he has to abide by the countries’ constitution. Not to mince words or be redundant, we would re-direct you to read our full manifesto on restructuring (the “R” in SPICER HEAT) also posted to this site, to get an insight of his beliefs and how he plans to make awareness to this subject.

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