The meeting, which commenced by 3.30 pm was held at C C G, at number 10, Afolabi Lese Street, Ilepeju, Lagos state, three salient agenda based on the complaints of Lagos residence from various Local Government Areas. The agendas are;

1) Apology
2) Update on the State of the Situation
3) Any Other Business

• Acknowledgement of the apologies sent in by several participants, many were unavoidably absent due to police arrests on the request of Eko DISCO in particular. It was therefore resolved to step down the key item of declaring the coalition until all the key participants are present.

• However, the key areas of the perspective and programs of a coalition to unite communities and organizations response against the current exploitation and excesses of the privatized electricity companies were discussed.

• It was generally agreed that the state of electricity supply and distribution in Nigeria would not improve in view of the current state of affairs and the greedy and selfish interests of its private owners.

• It was agreed there is the urgent need for an expanded and coordinate media campaign, legal challenge and political approach to the issue.

• The program of action include the documentation of the problems and demands of the communities; the organization of educational programs within the communities and upholding current actions already taken in response to the crises by the various community organizations.

• The key three demands remain: 1) an immediate end to estimated billing; 2) Free Metering and community verification of electricity bills and billing process; 3) Public Review of the entire privatization program and revocation of the licenses of the current operators.

• It was agreed in principle that a PAYMENT BOYCOTT, MASS PICKETING AND PROTESTS would begin in July if no respite is experience.

• The working meeting is to reconvene next week Wednesday June 26 2019 at the same venue and time, however, all the stakeholder are to be consulted to confirm the meeting.

Sheni Ajayi – Moderator
For Coalition