To further expound on why he is the only alternative, Omoyele Sowore continue to harness all avenue to engage the Nigerian people. His belief is that the polity  must be about the Nigerian people, not few looters building for themselves an estate of greed, and so speaking and listening to the Nigerian people is always his priority. He has, consequently, attended more than 150 events and has traveled 33 states within Nigeria, seeking supports and steering a peaceful revolution.

His faith in the Nigeria project cannot be overemphasized. He has raised the bar on many levels, becoming a moral voice to our national conscience at a time of deafening silence in the face of economic stagnation and insecurity stabs at discerning hearts. Omoyele Sowore exposes corruption through his media vehicle of Sahara Reporters and he is always standing up for socio-economic justice no matter how inconvenient.

At the beginning of his political aspiration, he declared right at the town hall meeting at University of Ibadan, ‘I have disrupted the media space; I have come to disrupt the political space. Below is an excerpt of his robust conversation with Punch newspaper. The conversation is in the expect spirit of his continuous devotion to political disruption. The conversation delves into several areas affecting our national life, covering issues including his exclusion from the presidential debate coming up on January 19, 2019, and organized by BON and NEDG.

“Your party was shut out from the presidential debate series. Is that not a technical way of telling you that the electorate has nothing to do with you in the 2019 polls? – Punch Newspaper

We believe the opposite is the truth. You have seen the national uproar that followed my party’s exclusion from the debates. Protests broke out across the country. Three of the candidates that were invited have called for my inclusion. That is the voice of the electorate. Organizers of the Nigeria Election Debate Group had to change their story multiple times about what the criteria for selection were. None of their explanations have held up under scrutiny. I am the candidate that the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party don’t want to engage in a debate. I have spoken truth to power in Nigeria for almost 30 years. I am also the most prepared of everyone running for the Presidency.  It is not surprising that they will use every means at their disposal to try to keep my message from reaching the Nigerian people.” – Omoyele Sowore

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