Dear ever-enduring Nigerians,

I do not need to ask if you are fine for it won’t be surprising if you are not fine at this moment. Especially after watching this most distasteful of engagements any leader could have with his citizens.

We understand how you all felt after watching Buhari and Osinbajo speak at the just-concluded town hall meeting organized by NTA/DariaTV and sponsored by McArthur Foundation.

We understand that many of us burnt fuel to watch the ‘talking down’ because of the unrivalled darkness they keep expending resources on without any tangible results.
Many had to stream live on our gadgets with very costly data rates – such expensive rates can only be found in a country with no solid economic leadership. This is not adding the fact that you probably had to pray to God for the reception of a man-made network to work fine.

We are not oblivious to the fact that the President could not answer your questions correctly. He lied about a lot of issues: questions bordering on corruption and security. And for those he did answer, the questions had to be repeated an average of three times each. The anchor had to continually stretch forward while asking questions and, at a point I consider to be her threshold, she had to ask if the President was okay to run for office again. This situation of extreme lethargy is completely unacceptable from anyone who wants to lead an energetic country; a country with 70% young people whose energies have been refocused to less productive things by unproductive leaders with disastrous results.

Can we crave your indulgence to bear with NTA for the time wasted as you have always been known as the most enduring people in the world?

On the 23rd January, 2019, Omoyele Sowore and Dr Rabiu Rufai of the AAC would be having the most honest and brilliant engagement with you all on how to take the country back and place it on a revolutionary path to the highest level.

Stay tuned!

– Adeyeye Olorunfemi
President, Association of Citizens Who Deserve Better. (ACWDB)