It not surprising that the fiery activist-cum-politician, Omoyele Sowore, has become the central talk of the country since he declared his ambition to contest the 2019 presidential election. His ambition is borne out of his unquenchable thirst for good governance and his true love for Nigerians. Sowore has the clout, the stamina, the sense, and the integrity that is needed of a man to handle and fix a dying Nigeria.

It is not, however, surprising that ever since he formed the African Action Congress (AAC), he has admittedly towers above not just the old order, but also other new political parties. Through town hall meetings, granting of interviews, and systemic delivery of viable and realistic blueprint, Sowore has succeeded in winning the heart of the masses.

The choice of Sowore’s VP also speaks volumes of how critically he can think. Choosing Rabiu Ahmed Rufai would give the party a national spread expected of it to AAC’s advantage. Rabiu Rufai is a learned health expert-cum-politician whose moral currency and selflessness have, over the years, made him a force to reckon with. In my opinion, nothing could be more perfect than the combo of Sowore and Rabiu Ahmed Rufai.

The gerontocrats who have looted this country with reckless abandon and unquestioned impunity are now afraid that the young, vibrant, and fearless Sowore is not just fighting the corruption battle through his Sahara Reporters platform but is now taking it to their doorsteps. Nigeria’s rulers are jittery at the moment. Their nerves are failing them for the first time in the history of Nigeria. What a man Sowore is!

Like Trudeau of Canada, like Macron of France, Sowore is not just more qualified than the other presidential candidates; he also has the more practicable and achievable manifesto that is capable of taking Nigeria out of the doldrums. He never compromised and sold out in his undergraduate years amidst so much tempting largesse. He formed Sahara Reporters to checkmate corrupt leaders and he has never compromised since.

When he gets voted for to handle the affairs and abundant resources of Nigeria, trust me, the citizens of Nigeria won’t just get back their dignity, Singapore would become Nigeria’s inferior.

You can take my word to the bank.

– from Awelodu Think Tank.