Lest WE Forget

That a man like Atiku Abubakar can put himself up as a Presidential candidate is a very serious indictment of the Nigerian state.

Let us ask those who are trooping out to support him if they have read the US Senate Report that indicted the former Vice-President – a man so TOXIC his own principal, former President Obasanjo shunned him when they both MISrule Nigeria.

Here is the Link: https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/FOREIGNCORRUPTIONREPORTFINAL710.pdf

Mind you, Mr. Atiku has never come out to refuse the very grave allegations leveled against him.
Take all the time you need to ask yourself if you can, in good conscience, read this very serious indictment and still vote to entrust the fate of your country to Abubakar Atiku.

Do Not Be Fooled: APC & PDP are just Two sides of the Same Bad Coin!