With the execution of Hauwa Liman, President Muhammadu Buhari has once again shown himself unfit, unwilling and unable to protect innocent Nigerians from the scourge of terrorism.

In the APC’s completely selfish pursuit for power and position, they promised Nigerians an end to terror and fear. In its stead, they replaced cluelessness with disdain and indifference, choosing instead to look the other way as military generals pad their purses with funds meant for the protection of Nigerian lives and ill-equipped soldiers lose their lives daily to insurgents who are paid off to continue to kill Nigerians. There have been no inroads in curbing the scourge and terrorism remains a profitable business in Nigeria.

Murderers parade our streets returning our daughters after healthy ransoms have been paid and there are no arrests or repercussions. Women being enslaved, tortured and killed and not a single word from a government that is seeking a second term. Even the most despotic leaders would engage in the hypocrisy of, at the very least,  a press statement or a word of encouragement to the citizens residing in that area, but almost twenty four hours after her cold blooded execution, no words have been said for the brave life Hauwa Liman lived and no words of comfort have been offered to her family. A government that cares nothing for her people or their plight is unsuited to lead Africa’s most populous nation. Nigerians deserve better.

The ineptitude of Buhari’s government is literally costing lives but the APC chooses instead to profit from these executions by buying our votes with elementary mobile phones and bags of rice. It will be to our collective shame if we allow this travesty to continue.

We must add at this point that a government led by Atiku, who is perhaps better known for corruption and profiting from destructive deals than Buhari is, will not benefit Nigerians and might well lead to a deepening of our troubles. The PDP flag bearer is knee deep in criminal activities; he has neither moral compass nor love for the people of Nigeria. He could not bring it to bear as vice president and he cannot bring it to bear now.

For the first time in many years, Nigerians have a real chance to make a difference. There are more options on the ballot paper than two sides of the same bad coin, and it is the hope of the Sowore 2019 campaign that we grasp this chance with both hands.

Justice MUST win. Nigeria MUST progress.

May we live to correct our failings of Hauwa Liman, Saifura Husseini Ahmed and the countless other Nigerians who have laid down their lives for this nation.


Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi
Director, PR and Media
Sowore2019/African Action Congress