The difference between the good people and bad people everywhere, Nigeria included, is COURAGE.

While the good people are quick to freak out at the slightest provocation, the bad are very courageous in their deeds; even their bad deeds. They defend their evils in the public unashamedly.

We (the good people) have always been chased out of all the good structures we created.

We started NANS as a fighting student body; the bad guys chased us out and took over the structure.

We fought the military, they took the stage.

They’ve infiltrated the Civic Space and corrupted the players who should be standing for justice. One is forced to ask if there are still sane people in this space, when you read how activists justify stealing, fraud and, of recent, forgery. They say as a matter of querying- ‘don’t we all forge in Nigeria?’ In very recent times, the belching of an ‘activist’ and an APC/PDP member smells and sounds the same for they drink from the same cup – corruption.

What about our Politics?

Do you know that there existed a time, even in Nigeria, when money never determined who won elections? Sorry is the case today for they have elevated money over ideas.

They have exalted themselves to be kingmakers in our political terrain because the good people ran when they barked.

They are already in the media space while we struggle to breathe in that which we created.

I can understand the reason Fela ‘seceded’ from Nigeria to create and be confined to his own republic- Kalakuta. It is a prison sentence with hard labour to remain sane in this space.

The good news is that this sad and realistic narrative is changing with time. We won’t run away from them anymore. Our watchword in the street lingo would be – “we die dia”.

Things will change with courage in our minds! For nothing is permanent – even the office of the Permanent Secretary.