Goodluck Jonathan’s PDP government lost the plot when the former president declared that “Stealing is not corruption.” That statement embodied the PDP’s disconnect from the Nigerian people.

In a series of statements made over the last two days, officials of the Buhari government Finance Minister Adeosun will not be prosecuted for forging a NYSC Exemption Certificate because she is “damned good at her job” and because “forgery is not corruption.”

Our movement believes that truth has no shades or coloration. Just as Nigerians disagreed when Goodluck Jonathan said “stealing isn’t corruption” we also vehemently disagree with the Buhari government’s assertion that “forgery is not corruption.” We continue to demand that the Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, be brought to justice.

What message are we sending to our children, Nigerians and the world, if we become known as a nation where corruption is covered up with impunity? Where public officials lie blatantly, with utmost disdain and disregard for the truth? What type of warped thinking allows this government to believe it is appropriate to allow militant herdsmen with blood on their hands roam free, or roll a robust defence for a minister who forges official government documents, while nursing mothers are locked up in prison for staging peaceful protests?

Such absurd and morally bankrupt positions are not surprising from a government whose information minister, Lai Mohammed, claims that tourism is booming, when the only people coming into Nigeria are militant herdsmen who maim and kill innocents.

The Buhari government expect Nigerians to believe that they have a sprightly President when his extensive medical vacations and the lifeless nature of his leadership is clear for all the world to see?

Nigerians are being told that the economy is booming, while their tables are empty. Theresa May the British Prime Minister just reminded all of us that Nigeria has the highest number of poor people in the world, with 87 million of our people living in poverty.

We assure Nigerians that a nation that is led by the convener of our movement, Omoyele Sowore, under the platform of our party, the African Action Congress (AAC), will provide dynamic and transformational leadership to the Nigerian people. For us, there is no relativity to truth. We boldly declare that just as stealing is corruption, forgery is also corruption. We will usher in the progress and growth that Nigeria deserves.

Nigeria MUST progress!

Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi
Director, PR, Media and Communications
Take it Back Movement/Sowore2019