Of course, we know that Trump is a corrupt, White-Supremacist Misogynist. We know that he cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be described as intelligent. No one has ever, or could ever, accuse him of being an intellectual.

We know, from accounts of those who have worked with him, that he spent hours watching Fox News.

We know all these things.

Partisans of President Buhari do not need to tell us what we already knew.

For a man like Trump to describe the Nigerian President as LIFELESS is serious indictment that should worry us, irrespective of our party affiliation.

The question the president’s supporters refused to address (they do their best to throw insults around) is simple: Should an elected president have problems meeting and addressing his/her own people?

Should citizens rely on paid officials to know their leader’s views on pertinent issues?

No, we don’t have anything personal against President Buhari.

But how can we so easily forget our experience with Yar’dua, when a Self-seeking cabal manipulated an incapacitated president?

Our stance is that modern nations require leaders who are not only mentally and physically fit for the job, but people who are thoroughly up-to-date on the requirements of modern governance.

Should we not all feel embarrassed by being saddled with a president who has difficulties in reading prepared speeches?

No offence intended, our elderly President simply doesn’t fit the bill.