I was not a political person until recently. I was wasn’t particularly interested in the affairs of my country for as long as I can remember. I just didn’t see the need to care.

But I almost did back in 2015. Back when our current President fed a whole lot of us his plans for change. The way Nigerians were hungry for a better country got me wondering if I was even patriotic at all. I must admit; I didn’t vote, but then, I did my bit in spreading the gospel of Buhari.

Fast forward to 2018, I am disappointed in the current government as are a lot of Nigerians. So I began reading and boom! I was introduced to a man I had always admired from afar, Omoyele Sowore.

This is a man who has been fighting bad leadership at an age when many were concerned about the number of girls to date or the latest fashion trends. This is a man who was poisoned by his countrymen and yet returns to create a new path for the same Nigerians. (God knows I no go come back if na me). I am yet to meet anyone as patriotic and brilliant as Omoyele Sowore.

Don’t get it twisted; I wasn’t an automatic believer in his dream to be the President. I was a doubting Thomas as are some Nigerians. My reasons were borne out of the fact that I just couldn’t see Nigerians trusting enough to vote in a young person no matter how credible they are. Plus, I didn’t know what his agendas are.

The enlightening day came when I attended a town hall meeting as a media person of the TIB TV. I consciously listened to him for the first time and need I say I was blown away. His confidence is admirable. His intelligence is outstanding and his ideas and principles…Oh my! This is one man who I have not seen giving anyone money to vote or campaign for him. I literally went on the streets and interviewed people in states like Ogun, Oyo, Kano, Zamfara and many other to mention a few. And not a single one of them was paid to campaign or come for a town hall meeting. Not one. In this age and time, we all know the world is so corrupt that it is nearly impossible that you do not bribe your way to getting almost everything and anything. Yet, here is a man who is constantly selling his ideas to Nigerians at home and abroad and has never bribed his way in getting publicity or people or what have you? This is to say Nigerians are now awake and conscious. We all are ready to take our country back from the hoodlums in power. The masses are ready to speak. We are ready to practise democracy as it should be practised.

Perhaps the strength of his appeal lies in his desire to fight for the rights of others, even when he is comfortable. For him, it’s not enough that he has an investigative media platform that covers it but he also does so physically. This is why you will find him at the forefront of protests fighting for a good cause.

I honestly am yet to see another candidate who is more qualified than he is. Or even as qualified as he is. Ladies and gentlemen of the world, here I am saying your vote is a ticket to a better Nigeria. Getting your PVC is a ticket to a better country. Getting your friends and family to vote for this man is a guarantee to a beautiful nation. Quote me anywhere; he is the man Nigeria needs. Together, we can. Together, we will.