Aluta continua; Victoria acerta: it is no coincidence that this singular phrase has been the watchword and battle cry for many a progressive struggle, and the mantra which the supporters of the Take it Back Movement live by. For it is clear that as long as we continue to assert our power as the masses, as long as we continue to push for civil and basic human rights, the establishment WILL have no choice but to do the right thing.

Samuel Ogundipe, a journalist for the Premium Times paper was held for no reason other than exercising the freedom of the press. While this might have been business as usual for the dictatorial cabals in the past, this flagrant disrespect to our rights will no longer be tolerated by the Take it Back Movement.

Yesterday, the Movement, led by our convener, Omoyele Sowore, marched to the Police Headquarters in Abuja and demanded the release of the journalist. Authorities from the headquarters came out to address the teeming crowd and experienced a new Nigeria: a people who could not be silenced by fear, money or lies. We made our demands lawfully and respectfully while unyielding to pressure to be silenced, and pressed for an immediate response to our request.

We are proud to announce that Samuel Ogundipe has today been released on bail.

Action works. The Struggle works. The Take it Back Movement will not be silenced.

While others aspiring to Nigeria’s leadership were hiding behind tweets, Sowore was demonstrating leadership in action by mobilising for Ogundipe’s release. Sowore, the African Action Congressand the TakeItBack Movement will continue to demonstrate that action, principled engagement and selfless service are the only ways to reclaim Nigeria from the oppressors and political jobbers.

The Nigerian youths are neither lazy, inconsequential nor unintelligent; they see your ploys for what they are, and we believe in their good judgement to not vote for empty words once again in 2019.

Nigeria MUST progress!

Take it Back – ACTION!!

Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi
Director, PR, Media and Communication
TakeItBack Movement/Sowore2019