Dearest TakeitBackers,

It’s such a pleasure to be able to sit down and write a few words to you; I know it’s been a while since you got an update from me but, I’m sure you’ll agree, the last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind!



Northern Town Hall Meetings - Sowore and WomenThe end of July saw me finally making a trip I’d been dreaming of – town hall meetings in northern Nigeria! I stopped to talk and meet with the great people of Kano, Zamfara and Kebbi, and I was inspired! Northern women clamouring around me, voicing their need for education for their children, healthcare for their families, and infrastructure for their businesses. Anyone who says Northerners  are not discerning has not mixed with them. The truth is that they have NEVER been given a viable option, and this is what this Movement stands for – a real option from the average Nigerian.



Young Alliance of Presidential AspirantsJuly ended with a BANG! The young leaders met to agree on what their hopes and plans were for Nigeria and it was an amazing experience! A roomful of young hopefuls such as Fela Durotoye, Alistair Soyode, Kingsley Moghalu and I met and agreed that Nigeria must progress. Like minds can move mountains and indeed, ancient cabals!



nigeria-south-africaWe’re only ten days into August and the world has already heard our relentless demands for justice! My trip to South Africa necessitated that I set them straight on a few things: I will NEVER stand for disrespect and waste of Nigerian lives, especially from our younger brothers! I told them this fact and I guess they were not pleased, but this is what real change looks like: guarding and protecting the integrity of Nigeria and Nigerians within and without our boundaries.



Sowore_Charly_Boy_OccupyINECFinally came INEC. We are completely outraged by the arbitrary decision to terminate the Continuous Voters’ Registration (CVR) on the 17th August when millions were yet to be registered, and we made this known at a rally in Abuja just this week (8th August) where we met with the Chairman of INEC and submitted our request for the date to be extended to 60 days before the election as it should be. We are very hopeful that our request will be favourably considered as it is no secret that the South has received a most unfair deal when it comes to PVC registration.


Phew! And now, the real race begins! We will be announcing our party in a short matter of days, and the battle for the primaries and, subsequently, the nation begins in earnest.

I am thankful, humbled by your support. I would be one man rattling around in empty townhalls if you did not show up, if you did not cry out for a new direction and a new plan for our great nation. NONE of this would have been possible without you. I thank you for your support. For as long as you continue to want me, I will continue to FIGHT for Nigeria you can be proud to call home.

Your wisdom, your contributions, your prayers, and your donations, they all help. So far, you’ve raised a mammoth $63,000 and a whopping half a million naira, we’re far from the finish line. Please donate what you can. Your money funds trips to forgotten villages and abandoned towns. Your support matters.

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Once again, I ask you to give whatever you can, as much as you can. Nigeria needs you and I.

Thank you.

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Omoyele Sowore