Emerging from what he deemed to be a progressive, productive meeting today, the convener of the Take it Back Movement, Omoyele Sowore, stated that Nigerians problems are not insurmountable, merely being handled by bad leadership.

The meeting, according to him, was to see how the younger candidates could unite in the struggle to free Nigeria from the old guards who are intent on holding her hostage. Sowore made it clear that his programme for youth is covered in his comprehensive agenda with the acronym SPICER HEATSecurity, Power, Infrastructure, Corruption, Economy, Restructuring, Health, Education, Agriculture and Tourism.

The focus of this agenda is to provide employment and offer young people the independence they need to thrive.

The freedom fighter stressed the need for justice, stating that the cabals cannot give the equity, the honesty or the transparency that they do simply not have.

As Sowore meets with Fela Durotoye, Thomas Ikubese, Mathias Tsado and others, one thing is certain: it is no longer business as usual!