Four months ago, we PROMISED Nigerians that #TakeitBack (Sowore2019) WILL do Politics differently.

Four months ago, we assured Nigerians that we are embarking on a complete transformation of the Nigerian political landscape.

Four months ago, we embarked on the journey to educate and sensitise Nigerians at home and abroad that they do NOT have to “settle” for mediocrity and that it is their birth-right to DEMAND and EXPECT the best from anyone and everyone in government

Four months ago, we embarked on the journey to introduce Nigerians to “The Possibilities” and “The Achievables”, and, in the process, we rekindled that latent fire in our People and unleashed their dormant belief in Self.

In our announcement, and in all our efforts and communication since then, we have always told Nigerians that:

CUPPed or CUFFed


  • We will be different
  • We will not play politics the same way it’s been played (to disastrous outcomes) in Nigeria
  • We are about Good Governance.
  • We will work with anyone and everyone who is capable and willing to help achieve our stated goals, without regard to tribe, religion, orientation, status, creed or other divisive considerations
  • We will NOT associate with anyone or entity who is demonstrably culpable in the graft, ineptitude, maladministration, and other such ills inflicted on the Nigerian State and on the psyche of our People.

On that last point, we have been especially very careful. We have been very guarded. We have been very watchful. Because we know HOW “Dirty Politics” work in Nigeria. Because we know how co-option works in Nigeria. Because we know how fleeting ideological convictions permeate the minds of the average Nigeria Politician. We have been very clear-eyed.

As we began exploratory discussion with various political parties and other organizations on the Nigerian political scene, we were able to discern the patterns used by the Old Guard to stunt and eventually kill off viable opposition, clearing the path for their continued entrenchment in the halls of power in Nigeria. We saw the proverbial “Trojan” inside the “Horse” from kilometers away, and our preparedness helped us stay many kilometers away from (and ahead of) the biggest, scummiest and (sadly) most potent of all the Trojan Horses ever deployed in the history of Nigerian Politics – The CUPP.

Now that about 39 “Political Parties” have been taken out of the picture at one fell swoop; now that the hands behind the curtain have reached out and CUFFed their puppets;

Now that Nigerians have seen for themselves how many of the erstwhile “Progressives” have been (wittingly or unwittingly) “progressively” manacled by the Puppet Masters of Nigerian Politics;

Now that you are beginning to understand that it takes a “Digital Brain” to actually confront and successfully combat the institutional “Wicked Problems” which have bedeviled Nigeria and Nigerians for so long;

Now that the real wheat is being separated from the chaffs, now that the wind has blown and the chicken’s rump has been exposed for all to see, now that you can tell who is in this for personal considerations and who is in out of a fervent desire, conviction and resolution to ACTUALLY destabilize the status quo and put Nigerian and Nigerians on the path to Peace, Progress and Prosperity;

Now that you can see which Movement will be leading the massive efforts to do that which is required to Reclaim, Rebuild, and Revive Nigeria, together with Nigerians, and which Movement will not roll over and abandon you and your family for positions or other personal political benefits;

Now that you have seen it for yourself that TakeitBack (Sowore2019) has your back, and that (as you have come to learn over the four months) the Leader and Convener of TakeitBack and the Presidential Aspirant under its banner (Omoyele Sowore) remains the same incorruptible, resolute and tenacious fighter who will never betray or abandon you for expediencies and/or exigencies;

The question MUST be asked:

Now that the coast is clear and your choices have become clearer, would you choose “same-old, same-old”, or would you be casting off your yoke of bondage, breaking out of your CUFFs and renewing your commitment to #TakeitBack? Would you like to be unCUFFed? JoinThe Movement

#TakeitBack #Sowore2019 #BreaktheCUFF #TakeitAllBack