by Callistus Ikpunuekhai

I have been talking to people about TiB Movement, some in diaspora and others back home. I found out that they are all very excited and enthused about the idea and the Movement, but some still have the questions in the title of this piece which is not out of place.

The TakeitBack ideology is clear, easy to understand, and acceptable by all who can see and agree that Nigeria is a failed state. We are saying – it is time for Nigerian youths to take our country back from the hands of the old politicians who have inherited our country, share it amongst themselves, their families and cohorts, and are bent on looting Nigeria to extinction.

It is time for the youth to take up leadership seats and steer the affairs of our country where the old and analogue politicians with pre-independence mentality have failed. It is time to put an end to the politics of the old, by the old and for the old. Those with disreputable, outdated worldviews cannot lead a progressive, digital generation. It is time to put an end to politics of the cabals, for the cabals and by the cabals. Those with corrupt mind sets can never build a healthy nation. ‘Antiquitocracy’ and ‘cabalocracy’ have set our country back by decades.

TiB is a clarion call to all Nigerian youths to arise, join hands and let us take our nation back from the current state of nature. Be a part of this history, do not be an observer. Breathe TakeitBack, talk TakeitBack and action TakeitBack. Create awareness and call on others on every digital platform and/or with boots on the ground down to the grassroots, town to town, village to village, door to door; let somebody talk to somebody and people talk to people about this new dawn and Nigeria’s second independence – TakeitBack.

What is the approach? Your TakeitBack strategy is simple:

1. The Revolutionary Idea:

Create awareness of this emancipation movement which is about taking back Nigeria from the hands of the old politicians who have destroyed our country and held it back from making progress.


2. The People’s Power:

Sensitise our people to go out and get their PVCs – the people’s power to deliver and take back Nigeria. 2019 election is putting liberation power in our hands again let us not give power back to old time rogues and stay enslaved matching backwards for another 4 years. Get your PVC and talk to people you know to do the same. It is one thing to register for PVC; it is another thing to collect it, so request people if possible to demonstrate evidence of their PVC collection.

Get Your PVC

3. The Candidate for Liberation and National Turn-Around:

Tell people and let them know about Sowore as the candidate for 2019 presidential election. Our movement intends to restore power to the people in 2019, starting with the election of the leader and convener of our movement, Omoyele Sowore as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


4. You Are Needed in Office:

Register your interest in contesting for office under TakeItBack Platform in 2019 ( We intend to sweep the Nigerian political landscape with a new set of leaders from the Presidency, to State Governors, Senate, Federal House of Representatives, State Houses of Assembly, LGA Chairpersons and LGA Ward Councillors.


When Sowore gets into office, his hands would need the hands of capable Nigerian youths at home and in diaspora to revive and lift Nigeria up again, not the crime smudged hands that strangled the Giant of Africa into coma. Leading Nigeria out of its current dungeon and reconstructing the nation we envision cannot be the exclusive job of Sowore any more than playing a symphony is the exclusive responsibility of the conductor. As with an orchestra, many people, functions and talents must emerge to execute a vision. We must all respond.

Join TakeitBack Registration Form


This is our movement and our aluta. It is our match for Nigeria’s second freedom. We are doing today what others did not do yesterday so that we and posterity will have tomorrow what we do not have today. We are fighting today for a better tomorrow, we do not want to mourn tomorrow that we missed today’s opportunity to do what is right. Nigerian youths arise and take it back.


🥁 Youths obey, the clarion call,

🥁 Let us take Nigeria back,

🥁 Both youths at home and those abroad.

🥁 We must arise and take Nigeria back.

🥁 Nigeria’s ours we must TAKE IT BACK!!!


Take it?…. Back!


#Sowore2019, #TakeItBack