Courtesy: Daily Trust

Media personality and presidential hopeful, Mr. Omoyele Sowore, has tasked youth to strategies for key leadership roles in the country.

Sowore in a recent chat said, “We have students surging out wherever we go regardless of their religion and creed, and they are contributing to our campaign, even if it’s in bits and pieces.

“We don’t need Not Too Young To Run to know that we are ready  to rule, what we need is Not Too Old To Run bill which  we are codifying by what we are doing now. We are talking of young people who have the character and ability,” he noted.

He said government of young people will deal with power supply and other key infrastructures. He said, “The country will bubble with growth, Nigerians are initiative people but our past leaders have been investing in darkness, so we are talking of energy, renewable energy in the North will provide jobs for 2 million jobs in the North..

“We have moribund power lines that cannot transmit power, if we can build that, we will build infrastructure, then agriculture, real agriculture not what we have now, propaganda agriculture. We can feed the entire African continent if we can get it right,” he noted.