Our attention has been drawn to the Federal Government’s announcement that they now believe that commercial cattle ranches are an absolute necessity, if the lingering Farmer – Herdsmen conflicts are to be comprehensively resolved.

After 3 years of pushing ill-informed and silly programs such as the creation of cattle colonies, importation of grass from Brazil and establishment of grazing corridors, the Buhari government is now coming around to a position that our movement took months ago and have articulated extensively in our Manifesto for Growth.

We are beginning to see a pattern. When we recommended a higher pay for workers and youth corpers, the Buhari government and its agents claimed that it would lead to massive inflation. They have now embraced that idea. When we called for June 12 to be made democracy day, they latched on to it believing they could score cheap political points from that action. Now they have also “borrowed” another idea from our programs.

We are glad to note that the Buhari government is now keenly aware that it has failed Nigerians. Unfortunately, stealing ideas in the third year of a failed four-year term will not help them in any way.

Nigerians are welcome to review our comprehensive plans using this link: https://sowore2019.org/our-manifesto-full/

Rachel Onamusi–Kpiasi
Director, PR and Communications
TakeitBack Movement