On Friday June 15th, progressive activists from across several organisations had an excellent outing with Presidential aspirant, Mr Omoyele Sowore. He gives enduring hope for the long suffering people of Nigeria. Our encounter lasted for more than two hours and was chaired by Comrade Femi Falana.

He is vast.  He is intelligent. He spoke on all aspects of human endeavours. He is versatile. Many of the people leading us today are less endowed intellectually, yet they seize the space to control our future and limit or subvert our potentials. He has a deep understanding of the contradictions in Nigeria. There is a myth. We think the people in power are invincible. But we can break that myth. We can change the narrative. Less than 40 percent of registers voters usually vote, so there is a huge disillusioned population looking for the right alternative.

Removing vagabonds from power is possible. It must start from somewhere.

What strengthens them, our foes, is that we have failed to critically and massively challenge them. We cannot continue to be election monitors announcing the victory of our oppressors. We have to take the centre stage.

Sowore inspired and gave hope where despair lay siege.

He has started a movement. The momentum is huge. The goodwill is unimaginable. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step forward.

Sowore has started the leap. Someone has to start. On his glorious path, We begin to see obstacles only when we shift our eyes off the goal.

It was an exciting moment.  We thank our comrades for the sacrifice  of coming to engage him. The attendance inspires in spite of the short notice and the Muslim Holiday.

It’s a starting point.  There will be another consultation in the next few weeks. For those who did not attend the meeting, we miss your most valuable contributions.

We are anxious to see you in the next gathering. The greatest limitation of mankind is usually the self imposed LIMITATION of the mind.