So many young Nigerians hate corruption. In fact, everyone, including our leaders, hates corruption. At least in public, they do.  You know, on social media and interviews and blogs. You then ask yourself, “who then are the ones stealing?”

Interestingly, the young people who claim to hate corruption have the corrupt as their role models. They also want to use a Mercedes Benz, travel to Dubai, pose with foreign drinks, lodge in 5-star hotels and scatter girls in all the rooms. They want to use the ‘machines’ like Dino. They also want to buy ‘Assurance’ of 100 million naira for their girlfriends/wives as birthday gift like Gbajabiamila. No one cares where the money is coming from or how it is made; not even their parents.

‘No one hates corruption. We are only waiting for our turn’

We have a system that rewards bountifully those who don’t work and, in return, impoverishes those who do work. A system that rewards ex-convicts, drug-dealers, kidnappers and assassins. The system places them at the helm of affairs to determine the fate of over 200 million people.

Unfortunately, religious leaders also preach in favour of that system in the guise of what they call GRACE. It is traditionally conceptualized as the ‘Ise kekere, owo nla’ narrative.

‘No one hates corruption. We are only waiting for our turn’ – the Nigerian mind speaking.