Source: Facebook by Salamah Osuji-Alatilehin

For those who have refused to receive sense:

The deceit of this administration is not yet ended. When Sowore mentioned that he was going to be paying a “living wage” of N100k when he becomes president in 2019, and N50k for Corp members, as against the N19k “minimum wage” of the present government, Facebook economists were shouting that it would cause inflation. What recently happened? Having been threatened by Sowore, who, by the way, is exposing the great lies of this government that Nigeria has no money, the government increased the minimum wage to N50k and still negotiating an increase to N66k while Corp members has been increased to N25k. I haven’t seen the Facebook economists to tell this government that the recent increment will cause inflation. When looters in the government were carting away billions of dollars to the Western and mid-Eastern worlds, it didn’t cause inflation, when it comes to upholding the dignity of the ordinary citizens, inflation comes to play.

When Sowore went round some parts of the country and pointed out some roads that had taken the previous governments – including the present dispensation – twenty years to complete, such as the 120km Lagos-Ibadan express road, they suddenly woke up and released funds to continue work on it. All this within the last 3 months since Sowore started his revolutionary movement of #takeitback. Please, what sort of comatose sleep has this government been engaged in that they suddenly woke from less than 260 days before the next election? Three solid years since assumption of office!

Who is fooling who?

Giving the benefit of doubt to those who support this administration, I have no problems with their solidarity with the leadership based on alleged “integrity” but then, those sympathizers will still tell you that he wants to work but the people surrounding him will not allow him. My question is: why then is he wasting our time when he understands that the people surrounding him would not allow him to deliver? But how can they? He well understood that these people had no integrity, yet he climbed on their backs to come to power, and expect to make any progress. Does the piper dictate the tune or the payer? Can one ever bite the fingers that fed it?

Enough of this gibberish! Let him honourably retire and let those who give no hoots about cabals, corrupt public officers and their sponsorship take the baton and sanitise the polity.

And for those who continue to compare Buhari’s frail age to that of Mahatir, please do not also fail to compare Buhari’s confidence in the Nigeria’s health sector in his 70s to Mahatir’s confidence in Malaysia’s health sector in his 40s when he still had long stretch of life ahead of him, yet he defied all plea to seek medical help overseas, and by so doing, instilled hope in the hearts of his people for a greater and better Malaysia by trusting yet taking the risk to his life. This act of loyalty and selfless service to country earned him not only over 30 years leadership, but yet another call back to service after retirement in his 90s.

And for those saying four years is little a time to see changes, I say to them we could have as well left Jonathan for another four years. Why not? After all, it’s in the foundation of a house that we know the fate of the house. And for those who are agitating for him to complete their zoning, if sentiments are based on zoning completion, then Jonathan should come back and complete his own zoning.

Unless we have decided to continue to live in illusions, we’ll agree that the only zone that has never seen the seat of power is the Zone 7 – the zone of the oppressed, disenfranchised, disadvantaged, the voiceless…. The only leader that must come out from this zone is #thebestofthebest, #theconscienceofthenation.

A word is enough for the wise. Don’t be deceived by this administration’s sudden call to action less than one year to election. If you do, I bet us we’ll live the next four years in an unprecedented oppression, social injustice and misery.


Udo ✌

Salamah Osuji-Alatilehin